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4 30, the city's urban Sewage Governance & total pollutant emission reduction work on-site meetings held in Juancheng. The meeting summed up the sewage pipe network construction this year, and total pollutant emissions completion of work, learning the Juancheng speed sewage pipe network construction and commissioning Water Reuse Engineering work experience, make arrangements for the next work. Municipal Committee, Mayor Liu Shi-Hop, Vice Mayor Liu Xinyun, Kitty attend site meetings.

This year, the county district attaches great importance to comprehensive management of urban wastewater and the total emissions of major pollutants, work, city sewage treatment project construction, operation, management, and achieved remarkable results. Currently, the city has built 1,200 km of sewage pipe network, urban and eight counties nine sewage treatment plant is stable, planning on 395,000 tons of sewage, the actual full load operation rate of 70%, the index of water up to the national I Grade A standard, nine sewage treatment plants have been installed with COD, ammonia-line monitors and remote video systems approach. This year, the city plans to build 236 km of sewage pipe network, has completed 65.2 km of sewage pipe network, urban sewage pipe network for distance and density increase. Liu Shi-Hop

Juancheng urban sewage treatment on the total amount of pollution reduction, and fully affirmed the work. He pointed out that Juancheng in building understanding, commitment to big, fast action, starting from the first month 13 on the organization, has built the pipeline 21.8 km, 48.4 km of paved tasks throughout the year can be completed in the first half, pipe building walk in the forefront of the city, county and district should be learned. County and district authorities to learn from, good reflection, good to learn from, and then understand the situation, determined to do all the sewage pipe network construction and operation of water reuse project work to catch up as soon as possible to ensure the full completion of "10 January 5 "emission reduction targets.

Liu Shi-Hop stressed that relevant departments should further strengthen the county area of political responsibility, from high politics to the party, government, highly responsible people to understand and grasp the spirit of this work, step up research program, quickly action to ensure timely completion of tasks for the full completion of a solid and reliable basis for emission reduction. We should actively use their brains, heart research methods, break the difficulties and problems, in place of the responsibility. To increase government support for, and actively seek funds to support a higher level and do the work of collecting the fees, raise operating funds through multiple channels to ensure the smooth progress of this work. All departments should KONE Cooperation To form a building together, go all the sewage treatment plant run better, the water reuse project to enable better. Rewards to heavy punishment mechanism, enabling accountability, strengthen management, increase capital investment, early start, early development, early yield benefits, for work initiative, and ensure the fulfillment of the total annual pollution reduction targets.
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Urban Sewage Treatment Cum Total Pollutant Emissions On The Spot - Sewage Treatment, Water Reuse -

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Urban Sewage Treatment Cum Total Pollutant Emissions On The Spot - Sewage Treatment, Water Reuse -

This article was published on 2011/01/25